Playing Bass at CCF 1/18/2015

18 Jan

Love playing my new Spector Euro 5LX Bass with upgraded EMG 40P5 & 40J Pickups and EMG BQC System Preamp. This bass really sounds great!

I’ve got my MacBook Pro with MOTU audio interface plugged into the direct outs of an Aviom AN-16/i-M. This gives me 16 discrete channels that I can mix later. It’s been great to record using this method as I can compress and sweeten the audio tracks in post.

The Drums were recorded using the Glyn Johns method since stage volume is pretty low with the use of the Aviom personal monitors. 4 microphones on the drums total!

0:12 Happy Day
4:33 The Solid Rock
7:40 Might to Save
12:14 Praise to the Lord

Track info:
CH 01 Drums Kick – Sennheiser e 602-II
CH 02 Drums Snare – SM57
CH 07 Drums Overhead L (Side Mic) – Oktava MK-012-01
CH 08 Drums Overhead R (Center Mic) – Oktava MK-012-01
CH 03 Bass – SansAmp Bass Driver DI
CH 06 Electric Guitar (Left) – Whirlwind Director DI
CH 05 Acoustic Guitar (Right) – Whirlwind Director DI
CH 09 Audience Mic – AT 4031
CH 10 Piano – SM57
CH 13 Vox Mark – Sennheiser Dynamic e838
CH 14 Vox Amy – Sennheiser Dynamic e838
CH 15 Vox Suzanne (Piano Lead) – Sennheiser Dynamic e838