Bill Abella has produced albums and songs for Pacific Northwest artists Subways on the Sun, Lars Katz, Reidar, David Hendrix, Voice Artist Erica Keshvadian, Dehner Franks, Matt Jorgenson, Tracy Bidleman, Gay Anna Santerre, Raymon Cunha, Fleeting Moments, Megan Myers, Lisa Rife with John Bishop & Dave Peterson, Band Name Hollow and the soundtrack for the Seattle Undermind Artists production of ‘Ode to Icarus.’ He has worked on projects with the Seattle Children’s Chorus, Thalia Symphony Orchestra, the Jazz Police, Toucans Steel Drum Band, Nichol Vene√© Eskridge, Shorewood High School, Zion Lutheran School and the Washington State Mass Choir.

Bill is a member at Grace Lutheran Church in Edmonds, WA and produces videos and podcasts of the services. He is also a member of the worship team at Community Christian Fellowship in Edmonds. Bill is a Seattle sports fan (Go Huskies!), has coached 2 championship baseball teams for Pacific Little League and coached a championship soccer club for Sno-King Youth Club. He is a member of the board of directors for the Seattle Children’s Chorus and is a Senior Business Intelligence Developer at the University of Washington. Bill is married to wife Jesica and they have 3 children.